Gallery : Art & Design

Our Art & Design category is filled with fun patterns, textures, and images that we've collected. If you're interested in purchasing any of our Art & Design bangles, earrings, or pendants, just email us!

Art Nouveau Bangle

Bird Brains Bangle

Black, White, and Red Bangle

Chocolate Candy Bangle

Tiger Eye Bangle

Tiffany Bangle

Chocolate Dots Bangle

Circles Bangle

Gilded Paisley Bangle

Go Bucks Bangle

Golden Book Bangle

Inlay Bangle

Ladies Shopping Bangle

OH-IO Bangle

Witches Shimmer Bangle Starry Night Bangle

Elizabeth Crisman Bangle Bird Bangle

Columbus Postcards Bangle Baby Bangle
Green Marigold Bangle Lola Bangle
Not Black and White Bangle Purple & Red Dots Bangle
Queen Elizabeth Bangle Santa Bangle
New York Bangle New York Bangle 2
New York Subway Bangle Vargas Bangle
Purple Millefiori Bangle Pomo Stripe Bangle
Puzzle Bangle Red-Blue Bangle
Color Grid Bangle Ice Blue Argyle Bangle
Doll Heads Bangle Paint By Numbers Bangle
Pastel Birds Poker Dogs Bangle
Pink & Green Atomic Bangle Purple & Pink Atomic Bangle
Atomic Black Dot Bangle Barbier Pan Bangle
Blue Atomic Bangle Blue & Black Pattern Bangle
Blue Sixties Waves Bangle Cereal Bangle
Clouds Bangle Olive Dots Bangle
Rainbow Pattern Bangle Frost Fairies Bangle
Kente Cloth Bangle Klimt Kiss Bangle
Little Ladies Bangle Library Architecture Bangle
Marigolds Bangle Mocha Circles Bangle
Blue Mod Meadow Bangle Mod Bronze Bangle
Mod Pattern Bangle Purple Mod Meadow Bangle
Sock Monkey Bangle Black Floral Mosaic Bangle
Mosaic Bangle Mosaic Bangle (alternate view)
Roman Mosaic Bangle Brown Floral Mosaic Bangle
Mucha Bangle 1 Mucha Bangle 2
Mod Clock Bangle Off Center Bangle
Olive Mosaic Bangle Optic Bangle
Plaid Bangle Rhoda Marble Bangle
Van Gogh Bangle Umbrella Girl Bangle
  Under the Ocean Bangle
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