Above: Todd explains the magic of PoMo during taping of a segment for HGTV's "That's Clever!"

PoMo on HGTV's "That's Clever" Monday July 16
After two seasons of featuring clever artisans from across the country, HGTV came to Columbus last summer to film us for their program, "That's Clever" and has set a date of July 16 to air our episode. To go to HGTV's listing for our episode, click here.
The episode will show us making a bangle celebrating the architectural details of our very own downtown here in Columbus. It was shot in our home studio located in the Old Oaks Historic District just East of downtown.


So if you've ever wondered how we go about creating a bangle from start to finish, nearly all will be revealed on Monday July 16.( Chloe made us leave out a secret step because she is beginning to go a little power mad with her growing fame ) The crew from HGTV was totally amazing - Thanks again Jag and Chris! You both made the hours fly by  - and we both really had a good time filming it.

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